Best International Short – Below the river (Yinze Li, China)
Best Feature – North of the night (Olivier Simon, France)
Best Documentary Feature – Neither a Girl Nor a Woman (Anjali Patil, India)
Best Feature Script – Fairly Dead (Lucas Rue, Cedrick Spinassou, France)
Best Short Script – The Gold, Fish (Renato Cacace, Italy)
Best TV Pilot Script – Tears of Glass (David Lake, United Kingdom)
Best Amateur Short – Ghazi and Shabnur (Mirzaab, Pakistan)
Best Animation Short – His Bridge (Chong Lyu, China)
Best Comedy Short – Diamond Sky (Carlos Douze, United States)
Best Documentary Short – Pluma (Clelia Goodchild, France)
Best Drama Short – Rift (Laura Daragó, Hungary)
Best Experimental Short – Yesterday ended last night (Galenus Zhou, Jia Jie Lin, Ze Cong Kuang, China)
Best Horror Short – No Winner
Best Italian Short – The Walk (Alessandro Derviso)
Best Micro Short – The Painterist (Khalid Hasan Khan, United States)
Best Mobile Short – Black (Chin Fook On @ Robert, Malaysia)
Best Romantic Short – Mirage Though Light (Gloria Haoyu Guo, China)
Best Sci-Fi Short – Step by Step (Sébastien Duhem, France)
Best Student Short – Again And Again (Galenus Zhou, China)
Best Thriller Short – Polaroid (Zhassulan Adambek, Kazakhstan)
Best TV Pilot – Chase N’ Jade (Edwin L. Williams II, United States)
Best Music Video – Eggshells (Angel Estrada Fuentes, United States)
Best Dance Short – Parade (Ben Crompton, United Kingdom)
Best Trailer – Pet Shop (Shauna Ludgate, United Kingdom)

Best Acting Ensemble – Capo di Famiglia III (directed by Dirk Gunther Mohr, Fabienne Leenart, Netherlands)
Best Actor – Bateer Liu (Listen to Her, directed by Yajing Wang, China)
Best Actress – Elena Polic, Greco (Tragodia, directed by Marco Latour, Italy)
Best Cinematography – Jung Hoon No (Island, directed by Elly (Yae Li) Cho, Korea, Republic of)
Best Costume Design – Gahee Ha (Island, directed by Elly (Yae Li) Cho, Korea, Republic of)
Best Director – Yajing Wang (Listen to Her, China)
Best Editing – Dmitrii Galasiuk (Patient Zero directed by Ilia Smirnov, Russian Federation)
Best MakeUp and Hairstyling – Gwendoline Teux (North of the night, directed by Olivier Simon, France)
Best Original Soundtrack – Scott Twynholme (Parade, directed by Ben Crompton, United Kingdom)
Best Screenplay – Elly (Yae Li) Cho (Island, Korea, Republic of)
Best Poster – Patient Zero (Ilia Smirnov, Russian Federation)


Precious things, Roberta Borgonovo (Italy)
Bad Love Tigers, Kevin Schewe (United States)
Homo Ignarus, Joshua Scattergood (Australia)
A Royal Marines Disposition, Matt Elliott (United Kingdom)
Invisible Jails, Orwa Alahmad (France)


How Much for the Exam? (Ivica Valentić, Croatia)
Happy Ending, Akira Iwamatsu (Japan)
Elephant Moose, Whit Lane (United States)
House or car?, Joel Delsaut (Belgium)
Low Tide, Robert Isenberg (United States)
A Dull Roar, then Light – Brett Sixtysix (Australia)
A Difference, Ewen Glass (United Kingdom)
Cod’ine, Sasha Travis (United States)
Io, Francesco Samas Tribuzio (Italy)
To Die For, Jakin Cordova (United States)


Danzas Gitanas, Christian Kalnbach (Germany)
Bomb, Mario Nieva (Argentina)
Again And Again, Galenus Zhou (China)
Mind Over Matter, Anysia Deák (United States)
How does it feel to be lonely, Gaetano Corbo (Italy)
De Floreo, Maaike Elise Stofferis (Netherlands)
The Seventh Seal, Jacek Krawczyk (Poland)
Jake & Dani, Cameron Ray Hawkins (United States)
Plato’s Cake, Weiyang Chen (Taiwan)
The last goodbye, Juan Antonio Chavero Briones (Spain)
Rocketball, Alex C. Glaros (United States)
Meet The Blue Water In The Vast West, Chengchao Jiang (China)
Siblings, Petra Braun (Germany)
The Double, Francisco Saia, Luca D’Alessandro (Sweden)
Desk Defender, Sebastian Soler (United States)
Wedding at night, Nanhui Li (China)
Inexistentia, Salvatore Vitiello (Italy)
Another Tide, Daniel Scott White (United States)
Bonne Année Paris, Didier Radja Delacroix (France)
365 Days in LA, Micole Williams (United States)
Flip, Zeqiang Liu (China)
Resentment, Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)
The Aftermath, Ana Mari Muether (United Kingdom)
Casting Film Youssef Shaheen, Mahmoud MahmoudMahmoud

Original Soundtrack by Omar Moussa and Yousri El Eselly (United Arab Emirates)
Spiralmind – Benito F Perez, Jackson J Smith (United States)
Roadside, Alessandro Russo (Italy)
Cubicle – Annie Knox, Kia Kietly (United Kingdom)
Kadoma City ZOMBIE Human Resources Center, Takashi Nasu (Japan)
Back to 1, Edwin L. Williams II (United States)
Synecdoche of Dream, Tianyi Hu (China)