Bilal Hussain is an award winning indie filmmaker. Since 2011. he has written, directed & produced eight short films. This year (2021) he celebrated his tenth year anniversary as an indie filmmaker. He is a Pakistani-Canadian citizen, who lives in Esbjerg, Denmark. He works at a local television station “Tv-Glad Esbjerg” as an reporter, anchor & cameraman. Besides work and filmmaking, he has written two crime-fiction books, he has also been a film judge at the “Tokyo Lift-Off Sessions”, “Box Short Film Festival” & “Istanbul Kisa Golden Film Festival”.


Hi Bilal, nice to meet you and thanks for granting us this interview.

How was born your passion for the world of cinema?

There are many reasons, hehe. My dad watched lot’s of movies when he was young and now as well but he never made a short or feature film. He is a professor at a university and has a PHD degree. When I was growing up, I watched movies / series with him and alone as well. I have a rare genetic disease “AAA-Syndrome” which means I am not physsically strong. I wanted to be a cop but that will never happen which is fine and that’s why I turned my passion to cinema where all my short films until now are in the universe of law inforcement and some are in love stories like “Jessica” (2017) & “Jessica: Part Two” (2020).

What was your first movie?

My first short film was a school project “Tycho Brahe”, where I and my classmates learned how to shoot a character without showing his face. It was a very great experience. I learned a lot, I had superb media teachers Claus Christensen & Mikael Z. Wolf. Unfortunately the teacher Mikael Z. Wolf has died of cancer, which has been hard for me at the time of his death and still now as well. He was a great human. I and Mikael use to talk a lot about movies and series as well. We both loved the “Homeland” series and more. I miss him, God bless him in heaven.

What is, for you, the main difficulties for an independent filmmaker?

The most difficult thing is the financing but other things as well.
I am lucky to have good network and experience to create short films with zero money, I mean all my actors and actresses have worked voulenterly and free for the past ten years 2011 – 2021 (present). My parents are also extremly helpfull when I am creating short films, they provide food for everyone, help being runners and my mom sometimes is the boom operator. The most funny thing for my parents is our house is on lock-down when I am filming, hehe. I would also say that the people who don’t have a network, equipment or resorces is hard for them but as Martin Scorsese says, “you have a camera go out and shoot your film”. I do all the things myself but it would be easy if there were more people involved, hopefully one day.

We have seen a great capabilitie to choose and direct your actors in your work; what is your secret?

If I tell the secret than it won’t be a secret anymore, hehe. Jokes on the side, thank you very much for loving my short films, I and my team are honored and thankful. I have not thought of this, I am always busy with work, filmmaking, writing crime-fiction books and coming up with new ideas for short films. I think I do what everyone does, write, rewrite & rewrite, direct, redirect, produce & reproduce short films. It’s also to get better and better at filmmaking. The secrete is also to have an amazing plot twists and turns. My first five short films were not so good, but I learned from my mistakes and the results can be seens in my sixth short film “The Wheelchair And The Trap” (2020) & seventh short film “Jessica: Part Two” (2020).

How would you describe your RFA Winning Short Film “Jessica: Part Two”?

It’s a very nice short film with a strong storyline and acting from everyone but there are few technical things which can be improved but overall one of my best short films so far. The film is about love and it’s also about giving an extra chance to the other person. I think the message is clear but the writing can be improved as well because there are few things which need work. People can judge the film however they like but the results on film festival are great so far, which is also a bonus and fantastic. 
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What are the main ingredients to create a good movie?

A good storyline, plot twists and turns but also good acting, directing and producing.
Always keep the audience intact for excitement, storylines with no ending are powerfull because the audience keeps guessing what is gonna happen next time. I have been asked this manytimes on “The Wheelchair And The Trap” (2020) & “Jessica: Part Two” (2020).
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What are your future projects?

I am in postproduction of my new fictional crime-drama short film “Where Did The Love Go” which is my eight short film so far. Next year (2022) I will create my own feature documntary film about my ten years of filmmaking (2011 – 2021) with eight short films. I have also written a synopsis in English to a fictional crime-drama feature film and I have also written a English short film name “Robbers In A Wheelchair” which I hope to create one day but there will be a final chapter in the short film “Jessica” universe.
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Any final thoughts at the end of this interview?

Thank you for a wonderful interview, I will definalty submit my upcoming projects to this festival.
To all the upcoming filmmakers, belive in your project and never give up. Hollywood I am on my way to you soon, hehe.

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