Brick Walls

Directed by Brandon Forgione

Marco, a frustrated and conflicted 24-year-old, moves away from his rugged hometown to begin anew. However, he struggles to progress when his past puts up walls around him.

“Brick Walls” is a student short from Temple University directed by Brandon Forgione.

The first thing you notice in this movie is the attention to details; every single shot is well thought-out, from the light to the composition. This is a sign of a good collaboration between the technical team and this, moreover, is a necessary precondition to do a good job as the main film schools teach.

The crew is led by Brandon Forgione that make a great work as a director, in addition, the story itself (written by Forgione, Avery White and Mike McGovern) is quite enjoyable and engrossing.

But Forgione is not only the writer and the director of “Brick Walls”, he’s also the leading actor… this not synonymous of a good thing. Sometimes, indeed often, people who try to do this do something wrong.

In this case, Brandon Forgione is able to make a good work in all his roles, with a movie that deserve the view.

“Brick Walls” is a good student short film and Forgione could say something in future in the film industry.