Best International Short – Manja (Harshith A, India)
Best Feature – Scarpedicemente (John Vamvas, Olga Montes – Canada)
Best Documentary Feature – Inspired The 30 Second Song Movie (Mark Christopher Lee, United Kingdom)
Best Feature Script – The Restaurant Man (Donald Boudreau, United States)
Best Short Script – El Vals (The Waltz), Alycya Magaña (United States)
Best TV Pilot Script – Vengeance, Justice, Death (Mark Sawyer, United States)
Best Amateur Short – Decisions (Meletis Fourountzidis, Greece)
Best Animation Short – A guerra finita (Simone Massi, Italy)
Best Comedy Short – Matty Boy (Dr Shahid Kamal, United Kingdom)
Best Dance Short – Wonderlane (Xavier De Santos, United Kingdom)
Best Documentary Short – Cordas (Diogo Rola, Terry Costa – Portugal)
Best Drama Short – The Final Bullet (Roger Dvorak, Australia)
Best Experimental Short – Artiste (Ava Wilson, United States)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Short – Once upon a common ground (Directed by Anja Neukomm, Laetitia Kohler, Naomi Kamihigashi – Switzerland)
Best Horror Short – Enter the Room (Harry Waldman, United States)
Best Italian Short – Jigen_Daisuke (Agostino Di Cio)
Best Lockdown Short – The INsiders (Marion Battaglia, United Arab Emirates)
Best Micro Short – F r a g m e n t e d (Ioulia Lymperopoulou, Greece)
Best Mobile Short – NQ
Best Music Video – Lunarcode: Hell is just a place (Vincenzo Carubia, Jessica Gillette – United States)
Best Romantic Short – Love Ways (Abraham Lopez, United States)
Best Sci-Fi Short – The Split (Dario Vero, Italy)
Best Student Short – 16 Bars (Alberto Nicco, Italy)
Best Thriller Short – NQ
Best Trailer – Street Ratz (Austin Hill, United Kingdom)
Best TV Pilot – Chateau Laurier – Season 2 (James Stewart, Canada)

Best Acting Ensemble – Chateau Laurier – Season 2 (directed by James Stewart, Canada)
Best Actor – John Vamvas (Scarpedicemente, directed by John Vamvas, Olga Montes – Canada)
Best Actress – Summer Marie Thomas (The Breakdown, directed by Clarence Williams IV, United States)
Best Cinematography – Chuck Fishbein (Manhattan Moments, directed by Chuck Fishbein, United States)
Best Costume Design – Melissa Bessey (Chateau Laurier – Season 2, directed by James Stewart, Canada)
Best Director – Abhineet Gogne (Doors, India)
Best Editing – Jean-Denis Rouette (Scarpedicemente, directed by John Vamvas, Olga Montes – Canada)
Best MakeUp and Hairstyling – Summer O’Grady Hair, Talla Green (Chateau Laurier – Season 2, directed by James Stewart, Canada)
Best Original Soundtrack – Joe Pearson (Rustle, directed by Kenneth James Napier, United States)
Best Screenplay – Faruk Kuğu (Not Game, directed by Faruk Kuğu, Turkey)
Best Poster – Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Jeff Mellin, John Soares – United States)

Special Price for Best Talk Show: Edward John Osredkar for Edward Osredkar’s Entertainer Chat


Turbo Treadmill, Sebastian Soler (United States)
The Earthworm Club, Wu Xuefei (China)
Il Duello, William Delli Quadri (Italy)
AnorMal, Luis Galán (Spain)


Kaliderson melody – Les dormeurs de Samhain, Laurent Combaz (France)
Lily, Yuewen Ding (China)
Morning Routine, Alexander Yaneff (Bulgaria)
Los Aspirantes -The Applicants-, María Yolanda Brown Melián, Kevin Ramos Fernández (Spain)
Women Without Man, Luca Grazioli (Italy)
Hey, I’m The Doorguy!, Kevin Williams (United States)
Parfaite, Blaise Villars (Switzerland)
Mauro e Lúcio – Gabriel Lima, Jully Frediani (Brazil)
The horrible ‘Charm’ of a nuclear explosion, Kostiantyn Mishchenko (United States)
It’s fine like that, Hane Nishino (Japan)
Fuchsia Fox, Nilgoon Askari, James Leon (United States)
Deadline To Death, Elliot Stanton (United Kingdom)


Recycling, Orwa Alahmad (Syrian Arab Republic)
LUNARCODE: THE LIGHT, Vincenzo Carubia (United States)
CANYON – Stay, Arthur de la Rambelje (Canada)
Garbage People: TRASH IS FOREVER, Brit Tobin (United States)
Mama’s Boys, Jeff JB Cool Brazzle (United States)
Who’s who?, Francesco De Marinis (Italy)
The Bots Will Get It, Adam P. Murphy (United States)
When Death Comes Knocking, Danny Lopez (United States)
THE SETTING SUN, Zhongqiu Zhang (China)
Maniacs: Part One – A Run to Remember, J.C. Watkins (United States)
Butterfly Cinema, Ekramy Maher Bekhit (United States)
Christmas isn’t like a movie – Barbara Patarini Valenza, Leonardo Barone (Italy)
Torn Together, Melissa Kunnap (United States)
Before the story, Zhang Tiancheng (China)
The path of life, Andrea Pugliese (Italy)
ALCANZA EL SOL (REACH FOR THE SUN), Douglas May (United States)
House of Ra: The Legend of Reo, Antoine M Dillard (United States)
Edward Osredkar’s Entertainer Chat_STEVEN R. JAMES INTERVIEW, Edward John Osredkar (United States)
Edward Osredkar’s Entertainer Chat_CHO COLETTE INTERVIEW, Edward John Osredkar (United States)
Love letter to Kumamoto, Ron Reid Jr. (Canada)
The Other Half, Stephaan Harris (United States)
Adumbral, Danish Jalil (United Arab Emirates)
Fine With Nothing, Ella Glasscock (United States)
The Inheritor, Quentin Gong (United States)
The Elvis Conspiracy, Rikki Lee Travolta (United States)
The Book of Jobe, Alex Martinez (United Kingdom)
Gem Stone — Invisible Death, Mark F Sawyer (United States)