JUNE 2022


Best International Short – Makeover #2dye4 (Santiago Larrauri, Canada)
Best Feature – Fraternity (Alexander Pfander, Germany)
Best Documentary Feature – Built lands (Arturo Dueñas Herrero, Spain)
Best Feature Script – The Last Earth Station (Kathryn Radmall, United States)
Best Short Script – La Teppa (Giacomo Paoli, Italy)
Best TV Pilot Script – The Favorite Daughter (Avery Robinson Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant Rouda – United States)
Best Amateur Short – The Gift (Vince Mirabile, United States)
Best Animation Short – Mother (James Joseph Cutler, United States)
Best Comedy Short – Burrito De Mano (Will Grantham, United Kingdom)
Best Documentary Short – KITE (Xiao En Qin, China)
Best Drama Short – For I Am Dead (Patricia Delso Lucas, Belgium)
Best Experimental Short – She (Derrick Getzfred, United States)
Best Horror Short – No Winner
Best Italian Short – On the Surface (Lorenzo Bombara, Italy)
Best Micro Short – No Winner
Best Mobile Short – No Winner
Best Romantic Short – Metro D (Lorenzo Vanzan, Italy)
Best Sci-Fi Short – Horizon (Daniele De Muro, Italy)
Best Student Short – Haunted (Giselle Turner, United Kingdom)
Best Thriller Short – Mister Sleep (John Perivolaris, United Kingdom)
Best Web Series – Terrona Publisher (Antonio Esposito, Italy)
Best Music Video – Palm Reader (Frisco Cosme, Joaquin M Rosa, Corina Katt Ayala – United States)
Best Trailer – A Broken Man (Leonidas Gioldasis, Australia)

Best Acting Ensemble – For I Am Dead (directed by Patricia Delso Lucas, Belgium)
Best Actor – Oswaldo Salas (Sonata For A Calendar, directed by Carmen Rosa Vargas, Perù)
Best Actress – Anne Gauthier Das Neves (Makeover #2dye4, directed by Santiago Larrauri, Canada)
Best Cinematography – Dominika Podczaska (For I Am Dead, directed by Patricia Delso Lucas, Belgium)
Best Costume Design – Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda (For I Am Dead, directed by Patricia Delso Lucas, Belgium)
Best Director – Santiago Larrauri (Makeover #2dye4, Canada)
Best Editing – David Olson (Makeover #2dye4, directed by Santiago Larrauri, Canada)
Best MakeUp and Hairstyling – Velina Mavrodieva (The Invasion of Red-Coke City, directed by Lubo Marinov, Bulgaria)
Best Original Soundtrack – Jacopo Castellani (Metro D, directed by Lorenzo Vanzan, Italy)
Best Screenplay – Santiago Larrauri (Makeover #2dye4, Canada))
Best Poster – Oh, Little Spark! (Charlie Lyon Budden, United Kingdom)


Moonlight People, Dmitri Frolov (Russian Federation)
Believe in You, Emilio Mercanti (Italy)
The Haunted Jizo of Shimo-Mizuno, Sayama City – Mitsuo Kurihara (Japan)
Blind Faith, Bruce Hickey (United States)


How to Tie a Tie, Shawn Holmes (United States)
Refuge, Dario Rigliaco (Italy)
Extreme, Jingqian Zhou (France)
Times of Censorship, Israel Mirenda (Uruguay)
Poison, Corey Davis (United States)
Wheel Gone Kid 3-Rolling In It, Wayne Kelly (United Kingdom)
Nowhere To Escape, ZiYuan Wang (United States)
Under a Bad Moon, Stephen Franklin Blanton (United States)


Blu come i tuoi occhi, Eric Veneziano (Italy)
Table of Truth, Kj Manuel (United States)
Isolated Canvas, Arianna Usai (Spain)
Game of Specials, Cristiano Calegari (Brazil)
I See You – Kristen Desantis, Corey Davis (United States)
A writer in the darkness, Giuseppe De Vuono (Italy
You Don’t Know Jack, Melissa Lozoff (United States)
Canticum, Maria Cristina Osti (Italy)
A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me?, Ana A Prickett Braunstein (United States)
Pakistaniamerican, Omer Siddharta (United States)
Contact less, Renilde Mattioni (Italy)
Cheers Around The World, Jim Ford (United States)
The Accomplice, Lee McShane (United Kingdom)
Brothers of Babylon, Gabriel Womack (United States)
Pain Warriors, Tina Petrova, Eugene Weis (Canada)
On a Stormy Day, Andrew Choi (United States)
Buddha Puddha, Dante Tanikie-Montagnani (United Kingdom)
The Big Pivot, Chris Harcum (United States)
La prima nota di una chitarra appena accordata, Andrea Careri (Italy)
Heartbreak Dreams | A True Story, Kody Christiansen (United States)
Our Home in Hillel, Jeremy Todd Shinder (United States)
Compass – Borka Szabó, Aaron Singh (Hungary)
Standing in Line, Jules Corriere (United States)
Succor Forlorn, Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (United States)