JUNE 2023


Best International Short – The Pageturner (Siubhan Ni Ghriofa, Ireland)
Best Feature – SINIOLCHU, the peak a man fell in love with (Indranil Ghosh, India)
Best Documentary Feature – The American Good Samaritans (Ara Mnatsakanyan, Armenia)
Best Feature Script – The Pickleball Killer (Jim Carroll, United States)
Best Short Script – Life (Mariella Spagnolo, Sutinder Singh – United States)
Best TV Pilot Script – Cargo – Alpha Centauri (Line Rainville, Canada)
Best Amateur Short – Neighborhood Stranger (Andrew Santiago, United States)
Best Animation Short – Project Ea (Becks Harborne, United Kingdom)
Best Comedy Short – American Baby (Mohana Rajakumar, United States)
Best Dance Short – NA
Best Documentary Short – Tales of the Boiling River (Vitaliy Perunov, United States)
Best Drama Short – The Closing Chapter (Eric Felizardo, Canada)
Best Experimental Short – Blind Flowers (Rosa Delgado Leyva, Spain)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Short – Coming Together (Directed by Bella Rinsky, Cyprus)
Best Horror Short – Insect (Cherelle Ann Sarah Higgins, Canada)
Best Italian Short – The last party (Matteo Damiani)
Best Micro Short – The 13th hour (Xavier Tesson, France)
Best Music Video – Moonlight (Zichen Chang, United States)
Best Romantic Short – Noise (Giovanni Capano, Italy)
Best Sci-Fi Short – LifeQuest (Richard Lounello, United States)
Best Smartphone Short – NA
Best Student Short – Feeding Tube (Kaylee Johnson, Aashish Thakur – United States)
Best Thriller Short – A Safe place (Nicolas Lincy, France)
Best Trailer – Have You Found The Bodies? (James Grim, United States)
Best TV Pilot – Fried (Richard Goss, Jessica Crooks – United Kingdom)

Best Acting Ensemble – SINIOLCHU, the peak a man fell in love with (directed by Indranil Ghosh, India)
Best Actor – Priyadarshi Pulikonda (The Group (Balagam), directed by Venu Yeldandi, India)
Best Actress – Miran Ahmed Abdelwareth (Metanoia, directed by Sara Rafiq Elias, United Kingdom)
Best Cinematography – Federico Galiazzo (N.L.A. (no love allowed), directed by Max Menghini, Italy)
Best Costume Design – The Group (Balagam) (directed by Venu Yeldandi, India)
Best Director – Indranil Ghosh (SINIOLCHU, the peak a man fell in love with – India)
Best Editing – Tigran Baghinyan (The American Good Samaritans, directed by Ara Mnatsakanyan, Armenia)
Best Idea – The Pageturner (directed by Siubhan Ni Ghriofa, Ireland)
Best MakeUp and Hairstyling – SINIOLCHU, the peak a man fell in love with (directed by Indranil Ghosh, India)
Best Original Soundtrack – Bheems Ceciroleo (The Group (Balagam), directed by Venu Yeldandi, India)
Best Producer – Sierra Productions (Transformation, directed by Nancy Hamilton, United States)
Best Screenplay – Sara Rafiq Elias (Metanoia, United Kingdom)
Best Sound Effects – Cora Renard, Nicolas Mahier, Maxime Deletraz, Maxime Bouteille (Voiceless, directed by Jonathan Placide, France)
Best VFX – Cora Renard, Nicolas Mahier, Maxime Deletraz, Maxime Bouteille (Voiceless, directed by Jonathan Placide, France)
Best Poster – Wired (directed by Peter Koevari, Australia)


For The Freedom (Hans Sluijter, United States)
Evolution of Foresight (Lily Baonhi Luong, Australia)
Transformation (Nancy Hamilton, United States)
COMPASS – FIND WAYS – GO WAYS (Max Boje, Germany)
The Righteous (Stephen Michael Kelly, United States)


War Game (Didier Guillaume, Morocco)
Ephemeral human body (Kanon Seo, Japan)
Curiosities of The Ruthless Roupell St (Oliver Chenery, United Kingdom)
Brick Walls (Brandon Forgione, United States)
DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE () (Aashish Rego, India)
REVERB (Minkyu Kang, United States)
I dream My dream (Monique van Kerkhof, Bo Oudendijk – Netherlands)
Faith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality (Charles Reynoso, United States)
ICARUS (Viet Nguyen, Australia)
Vanishing Grace (Matty Killen, United Kingdom)
Infallible Proof (Matthew A. Makowski, United States)
American Baby (Mohana Rajakumar, United States)


Silver lining (Emmanuel Mwape, Zambia)
Coffee (Lia Olpoc, Qatar)
Bodhi Vriksh (Bo Mao, China)
Marah From Eilat (Leiter Daniellson, United States)
Animated Paintings (Petra Stefankova, Slovakia)
Tax Time (Raphael Buisson, United States)
The Cave (Max Carmona, United States)
In Black And White (Dwight Anson Sirls, United States)
Grace (Andrew Vidgen, United Kingdom)
Demoncode (Corey Jason Trahan, United States)
Asarum (Thibaut Lafon, France)
Visionary – Part One (Claire Merchant, Australia)
What did you say?! (Kiel Robinson, United Kingdom)
Wait (Official Trailer) (Jared Jacobsen, Lorena Diaz – United States)
Gun to the head (Christian Michael Veninga, Mithi Sivaprakash – United States)
Findings (Kristina Schippling, Germany)
Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir [ One Planet; One Family ] (Venkata Krishna Roghanth, India)
What a Lovely Day! (K.K. Electronics, Netherlands)
Find Your Destiny (Monique Grimme, Australia)
Morning, A Journey: A Visual Album (Josh Goldberg, United States)
The Natalies (Natalie Martino, United States)
Last Call (Darragh Hynes, Ireland)
Meteor (Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone – Canada)
Rabbit (Zichen Lan, China)
Luck Court (Clare McCartney, United Kingdom)
On-Air (Michael Glynn Macdonald, Canada)
Better Love (David Sexta, Armenia)
Son of a Sheriff (Travis Davidson, United States)
The Ballad of River Kendricks: da prologue (Jason Mendoza, United States)
Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York (Matthew Taylor, United States)
Switch (Bon Blossman, United States)
Rock N’ Justice (Extended Version) (George Jacobs, United States)
Trail Of Tears (Hans Sluijter, Netherlands)
Shanghai Palace (Heidi Jacobsen, United States)
Who Was She? (Jana Al Najjar, Qatar)
In the Backseat (Harry Waldman, United States)
Shorts by Shorties (Mohana Rajakumar, Qatar)
No Mas (Stephen Michael Kelly, United States)
Insane (Abraham Onofre, United States)
Robot Asteroid (Paul May, Canada)
Out of Control (bellopropello, Switzerland)
Shooting Your Own Shadow (Joseph J Parisi, Michael Amman – United States)
Polo (Sophia De La Cruz, Qatar)