Directed by Richard Lounello

A young physicist lives out his life in search of his greatest scientific discovery and finds one extraordinary truth.

Written and Directed by Richard Lounello, LifeQuest is a sci-fi short film with a very high potential.

Every good movie starting with a good idea, but the idea need to be developed in a right way, with a good script, dialogues and characters. Richard is able to do this offering a perfect example of a good screenplay.

What is the next step? You need to do a casting and choose the right actors for every role.
The acting ensemble of “LifeQuest” is absolutely perfect, the perfomances quality is high and two of them, the main characters, deserve a special mention for their work: Leighton Samuels as “Jake” and Tricia Alexandro as “Lisa”. Richard is in the cast too and he shows also a good quality acting skills.

Under a cinematographic point of view we have a good team behind Richard, Jim Powers (Cinematographer) makes a great job in every single scene bringing out the best from any single situation and every single scene.

LifeQuest has a good pacing and it is a enjoyable sci-fi short film despite the duration (this means a lot).

Richard Lounello’s directing work has no particular flaws, he was able to create a good movie that involves the viewer from the start to the end.