In 2005, I started a video production company, QOOV.
While acquiring various skills such as motion graphics, 3DCG animation, graphic design, web design, etc., I am working on corporate projects as a business.
On the other hand, I made an experimental short film “W∞ series” to improve my skills and artistry.
He has received many awards at film festivals around the world.

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Hi Takeshi, nice to meet you and thanks for granting us this interview.

How was born your passion for the world of cinema?

In Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, there is a mysterious place called “Onomichi” where you can feel the space-time.

When I first visited the place, my passion awoke and my inspiration came down. In other words, if I hadn’t been to Onomichi, I wouldn’t have made a cinema.

What was your first movie?


What is, for you, the main difficulties for an independent filmmaker?

I think I can overcome any difficulties without losing inspiration and passion.

We have seen real art in your work; what is your relationship with it?

I think art is “ultimate complacency.” I’m creating it just for myself, not for anyone. As a result, if my creation has a positive impact on someone, I think it’s best.

How would you describe your Experimental Short Film “W∞ – Heritage of Soul -“?

My film “W∞ -Heritage of Soul-” is experimental in terms of expression, but in terms of content, it describes the events that I have actually experienced, the encounters with benefactors, and the feelings of gratitude. In a sense, it’s a documentary.

What are the main ingredients to create a good movie?

Inspiration and passion.

What are your future projects?

I may also make my own films, but I’m also interested in collaborating with companies and brands. I’m sure it will be useful with exciting visual expressions.

Any final thoughts at the end of this interview?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Robinson Film Awards team for rating my film as a Winner.
I sincerely hope that your festival will continue to grow in the future.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
I will continue to challenge for the rest of my life.
Thank you very much.

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