February 2024


Best International Short – The Ugly Ball (Omar Ibrahim, United Arab Emirates)
Best International Feature – William and Fred (Helga Landauer, United States)
Best Amateur Short – NQ
Best Animation Feature – With You (Evan Doll, United States)
Best Animation Short – From Our Side (Simone Massi, Italy)
Best Comedy Feature – Hanky Panky (Lindsey Haun, Nick Roth – United States)
Best Comedy Short – Badger! (Barry Wilkinson, United Kingdom)
Best Dance Short – Experience (Matic Eržen, Slovenia)
Best Documentary Feature – Miracle in the Heart of Bosnia (Dr Sam Osmanagich, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Best Documentary Short – Sandcastle – The Secret Life Of Potter Wasps (Roman Willi, Switzerland)
Best Drama Feature – Group (William R.A. Rush, United States)
Best Drama Short – Forbidden (Charlotte Vacková, Czech Republic)
Best Experimental Feature – NQ
Best Experimental Short – The Saidist (Kaiyue (Ethan) Guan, United States)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Movie – Vardo (Kostas Kaloudiotis, Greece)
Best Horror Feature – NQ
Best Horror Short – The Music of Erich Zann (Chad Garrett, United States)
Best Italian Short – Autumn Leaves (Edoardo Magliarella)
Best Micro Short – NQ
Best Music Video – DPB “Undefeated 3.0 (radio edit)” (Ricky Burchell, United States)
Best Nature Short – Neermukile – Essence, Nature, Universe (Unnee Udayakumar, Australia)
Best Romance Short – The Heart (Yuhyeon Oh – Korea, Republic of)
Best Sci-Fi Feature – NQ
Best Sci-Fi Short – AI vs Deep State (Katalin Weith, Hungary)
Best Silent Short – NQ
Best Smartphone Short – The Last Song (Dimitris Tsiotas, Greece)
Best Student Short – Could Be Anyone (Qianhui Feng, China)
Best Thriller Feature – The Carrier (Andrei Turcan, Germany)
Best Thriller Short – Jenny´s Absinthe (Gregor Gašperin, Slovenia)
Best Trailer – NQ
Best TV Pilot – Hollywoo (Tommy Jay Dwyer, Joseph Anthony Marcello – United States)

Best Feature Script – Sacred Sun (Michael Louis Gould, United Kingdom)
Best Short Script – Tangled Tails (Oleg Condrea – Moldova, Republic of)
Best TV Pilot Script – Lift-Off (Timur Markowitz, Francesca Shih – United States)

Best Acting Ensemble – Treble Me This (directed by Guy Nicholls, United Kingdom)
Best Actor – Paul Lazar (William and Fred, directed by Helga Landauer – United States)
Best Actress – Lívia Hábermann (AI vs Deep State, directed by Katalin Weith – Hungary)
Best Cinematography – Nicolas Le Pape (Paule, France)
Best Costume Design – Vellakuthira [White Horse] (directed by Saranraj Senthilkumar, India)
Best Creative Idea – Fan Xiaotian, Jiao Huan (A Zebra-Riding Boy, directed by Fan Xiaotian, Chen Juzhi – China)
Best Director – Saranraj Senthilkumar (Vellakuthira [White Horse], India)
Best Editing – Pradeep (Vellakuthira [White Horse], directed by Saranraj Senthilkumar, India)
Best MakeUp & Hairstyling – NQ
Best Original Soundtrack – Gavin Salkeld (Badger!, directed by Barry Wilkinson, United Kingdom)
Best Producer – Jiang Cheng (A Zebra-Riding Boy, directed by Fan Xiaotian, Chen Juzhi – China)
Best Screenplay – Helga Landuaer, Paul Lazar (William and Fred, United States)
Best VFX – Sanjay Prasad (The Stranger, United Arab Emirates)
Best Poster – Vellakuthira [White Horse] (directed by Saranraj Senthilkumar, India)


A Nun And An Officer (Written by James Anthony, United States)
From Our Side (directed by Simone Massi, Italy)
Walk (directed by Beth Ashby, United States)


The Girl Who Faded Away (Brent Heise, United States)
The Kids’ Table (Stephen Folker, United States)
Gone (Hunter Nickless, United States)
Judas by the Sea (Hao Wu, China)
Prince of Chicago (Bruce Hickey, United States)


Poise (Luís Soares, Portugal)
R (Luan Machado, United States)
Imaginary enemy (Davide Mazza, Italy)
Proud Girls (Leslie Flannery, United States)
Adam & Eve (Filippo Lusiani, Italy)
Nias (Baptiste Rambaud, France)
Indefinite Term (Livia Sisi, Andrea Cantafio – Italy)
Happy Birthday (Joseph A Mauro, Ezekiel N Drews – United States)
My Uncle “Ji”..No (Mariella Spagnolo, United States)
Love and Toll (Ingrid Ulst, Estonia)
La strada segnata (Michele Iovine, Italy)
There’ll Be No Divorce (Noelle Clarke, Ireland)
Moonbeans: A Tale of Two Astronauts (James G. Maynard, United States)
Diligitis (Luca Finato, Italy)