Robinson Film Awards (RFA) is a monthly and annual IMDb Qualifying Independent Film Festival with a public screening event.

Every 2 months our judges, watch, review and rate the submitted films. The Best Films announced as the winner of the month!

Every submitter can enter multiple categories in order to increase their chances to receive an award. Every Semi-Finalist, Finalist and Winner will receive our Official Laurels, they will be listed on our website and may upload their credits on IMDb.

Award Winners will also receive their Certificate of Achievement in digital format.

The jury is composed by local and international filmmakers, actors, screenwriters etc..

The monthly winners are automatically nominated to be our annual winners and will be considered for yearly competition; if they get chosen by the programming committee, they will be shown and compete with other films-winners at the annual event (Next RFA Annual Event: April 2025).

RFA gives an opportunity for each filmmaker to find their shortcut to fame and recognition.