Interviews of artists all around the world by Robinson Film Awards.


Line Rainville & Franco Pirrone

Line Rainville, a writer from Quebec, Canada, was called upon to adapt her novel on
Indigenous culture, which she knows well, into a TV series. She dreams of writing a sci-fi
series. Cargo is the pilot of Alpha Centauri, her first sci-fi TV series. Meteor is the pilot of
Promethium 2122, a work co-written with Franco.

Franco Pirrone, an Italian software developer and martial artist, grew up with science fiction.
Since the early 70s, he had the good fortune to witness the golden age of classic science
fiction movies and series. He loves to delve into technology and study space exploration
missions. Meteor is the pilot of Promethium 2122.

Delu Duan

Delu Duan is an acclaimed composer and skilled sound designer based in the vibrant metropolis of New York City. Throughout 2022-2023, Delu played an instrumental role in catapulting numerous artists to success, securing over 30 festival selections and prestigious awards. His exceptional sound design work was notably featured in the Netflix-sponsored film, “Sunflower Girl,” while his recent composition and sound design contributions to “Dear Vanessa” took center stage at the NewFest Film Festival. Delu earned his Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition at NYU, with a concentration in Scoring for film and multimedia. Delu holds a BA in Recording Arts with a concentration in Film Sound from the Communication University of China. Presently, Delu is the founder and owner of ICING MEDIA, a creative agency providing full-production services, where he continues to bring artistic visions to life and create immersive experiences.

Oyejoke Oke

Oyejoke Oke is a female producer/ director / writer of Nigerian descent. She is also the founder and CEO of Black Thread Media, a Nigerian movie production company and the producer and writer of this movie Love Lies and Lasgidi.

Angelo Donzella

Angelo Donzella was born in Turin in 1964. He has three great passions: music, photography and cinema. He has played in some rock bands since 1982 and, since 1983, has been cultivating the art of photography. Since 1993 he has shown his love for cinema, starring in many feature films and short films. The need to express himself through the use of images (borrowed from his love for photography)
led him to make his first short film as a director. ISOLATION was created during the 2020 lockdown, with the help of director Roberto Loiacono. Angelo Donzella in this short film, in addition to working as a director, played the role of leading actor, winning multiple international awards as best actor. 2022 is the year in which he made his second job as a director (this time alone): it is the short film
Jasmine’s Suspicion, a “Spy Movie”. In January 2023 he created UNEASE in just one month of intense work.

Roda Na

Roda Na is a character artist & filmmaker who won in student short of Robinson Film Awards 2021 with her debut film “Larvae Story”. She is from South Korea and currently taking an MFA in 3D Animation & VFX at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design at Korea National University of Arts in 2018. Officially, she has worked as a package designer at an LA-based food distribution company and as a manager of design projects at a mobile contents company until 2021, but she has personally created character artwork through illustrations. She started to make her animation film with her creative characters under her artistic mission to spread a culture of admiring others. Aside from her career as a visual artist, she studied voice acting for 5 years.

Edwin L. Williams II

Edwin L. Williams II is an award-winning Actor, Director, Writer and Cinematographer.
He has been a filmmaker for 9 years, with an Associate Degree in Performance Acting from KD Conservatory in Dallas, Texas. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and currently filming out of Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, he has directed and provided cinematography for over 10 projects ranging from book trailers, short films, webseries, feature films along with original short films. Likewise, he runs a small production company in Dallas, TX called Digital ELW Productions. His personal projects fly under the banner “a Seoul in the Cloud films” honoring his Korean heritage and his wife, best friend, and business partner Ilyssa Williams. Not only is he a filmmaker, but he also does photography work under Digital ELW Photography. Since 2016, he has been represented by Core Talent Agency.

Federica Alice Carlino

Federica Alice Carlino was born in 1991 not far from Milan, Italy. She showed her love and passion for movies at the age of 3. Her family moved around Europe for work, so she had the opportunity to meet new cultures. She grew up in the Netherlands until she was 6, then moved back to Italy for most of her education, she also studied in London at Richmond Upon Thames College. She studied filmmaking, photography and makeup in Milan and makeup prosthetic in Rome with Dario Argento’s makeup artist, Sergio Stivaletti. She is a New York Film academy BFA graduate. She worked with Warner Brothers and Netflix. She has experience in directing, casting, writing and acting. She works among Abu Dhabi, Milan and Los Angeles.

Kris Krainock

Kris Krainock wears many hats — screenwriter, director, producer, playwright and poet — but if one were to boil him down to one word, you could simply call him a humanist. Krainock has been described as “high concept,” and his work is undoubtedly cloaked in homage to the greats — Bergman’s emotional rawness, Fellini’s fantastical exploration, and Hitchcock’s cerebral sense of mystery are all found in Krainock’s film, television and written work — but he is not afraid to entertain, exploring life and death through trademark erudite philosophizing and pitch-black humor.

Ariyarathna Athugala

I am Senior Professor of Mass Communication, Department of Mass Communication. In addition, I have been teaching since 1991. I am presently teaching advanced Placement Mass Communication (Honours/General), as well as MA, MSSC, PhD and Communication Diploma courses. I have been teaching in the following areas.
Theories of Mass Communication , Media History , Creative Communications , Applied Communications, Film studies, Communication and Media Research , Media Criticism, Television Studies , Multi-Media studies and Visual Art , Communication theories and concepts and Communication for Development.

Takeshi Inoue

In 2005, I started a video production company, QOOV.
While acquiring various skills such as motion graphics, 3DCG animation, graphic design, web design, etc., I am working on corporate projects as a business.
On the other hand, I made an experimental short film “W∞ series” to improve my skills and artistry.
He has received many awards at film festivals around the world.

Bilal Hussain

Bilal Hussain is an award winning indie filmmaker. Since 2011. he has written, directed & produced eight short films. This year (2021) he celebrated his tenth year anniversary as an indie filmmaker. He is a Pakistani-Canadian citizen, who lives in Esbjerg, Denmark. He works at a local television station “Tv-Glad Esbjerg” as an reporter, anchor & cameraman. Besides work and filmmaking, he has written two crime-fiction books, he has also been a film judge at the “Tokyo Lift-Off Sessions”, “Box Short Film Festival” & “Istanbul Kisa Golden Film Festival”.

Jiri Balcar

I am a student filmmaker from Lynn University in Boca Raton. I am originally from the Czech Republic. I am studying film for 5 years now and really fell in love with action and stunts in particular in film. However I strive to become a better filmmaker in all aspects going forward. I think I would have a lot of stories to tell about my experiences as a student filmmaker, from working with actors at a non-professional level. Safety with stunts, getting permits and other important things other students would be really interested to hear.

Corey Trahan

Dr. Corey Trahan was born in 1976 and raised in Beaumont, TX. Trahan has had a relatively active role in the film industry through the years, though mostly on the audio side.  He is noted for creating original film scores, foley, sound engineering and general film audio production/mastering.  He has also written a number of short movie scripts.  The Witch’s Bargain was his first film as Director.  Trahan’s most recent film thrust, however, has been as executive producer and owner of HorrorWeb Productions, a production studio out of Austin, TX.  HorrorWeb has a large social media following and is well known for releasing highly produced interviews of horror-related artists, actors, etc. and for their Tub of Terror production, in which Scarah, a horror-host, has discussions in her tub about currently released horror movies.  The company is also largely responsible for makeup/fx, scene production and wardrobe on a number of music videos directed by Budro Partida along with set design, makeup/fx and wardrobe in the Witch’s Bargain.

César Rozas

César Rozas is a documentary filmmaker based in Spain.

With his first-time film project “The Spirit of Pioneers” he has won several accolades all around the world.

Eli Michael Copperman

My name is Eli Michael Copperman, freelance animator, part time restaurant worker, and BFA animation alumni from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Hailing from central New Jersey and currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland, I am a passionate, creative and hardworking artist who never lets any obstacles get in the way of tackling an ambitious project. Now that my senior thesis film from MICA, The Trail beyond Highland Road, has been selected for the Robinson Film Awards in 2022, it has been an absolute honor to allow this important narrative of acknowledging what has been left behind to be brought in the world of festivals and broad audiences.