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Review of The Stranger

Directed by Sanjay Prasad

Review of The Girl Who Faded Away

Directed by Brent Heise

Interview to Line Rainville & Franco Pirrone

Line Rainville, a writer from Quebec, Canada, was called upon to adapt her novel on
Indigenous culture, which she knows well, into a TV series. She dreams of writing a sci-fi
series. Cargo is the pilot of Alpha Centauri, her first sci-fi TV series. Meteor is the pilot of
Promethium 2122, a work co-written with Franco.

Franco Pirrone, an Italian software developer and martial artist, grew up with science fiction.
Since the early 70s, he had the good fortune to witness the golden age of classic science
fiction movies and series. He loves to delve into technology and study space exploration
missions. Meteor is the pilot of Promethium 2122.

Review of My Digital Truth

Directed by Swen Werner

Review of Before The Freeze

Directed by Tenley E. Raj

Interview to Delu Duan

Delu Duan is an acclaimed composer and skilled sound designer based in the vibrant metropolis of New York City. Throughout 2022-2023, Delu played an instrumental role in catapulting numerous artists to success, securing over 30 festival selections and prestigious awards. His exceptional sound design work was notably featured in the Netflix-sponsored film, “Sunflower Girl,” while his recent composition and sound design contributions to “Dear Vanessa” took center stage at the NewFest Film Festival.

Review of Bonsai Whisperer

Directed by Cameron Kashani

Review of Say My Name

Directed by Rhoyce Nova

Review of Twin Leaps

Directed by Wayne Kelly

Review of Panah

Directed by Sana Norouzbaki, Fatemeh Ghadirinezhadian

Review of Findings

Directed by Kristina Schippling

Interview to Oyejoke Oke

Oyejoke Oke is a female producer/ director / writer of Nigerian descent. She is also the founder and CEO of Black Thread Media, a Nigerian movie production company and the producer and writer of this movie Love Lies and Lasgidi.

Review of Brick Walls

Directed by Brandon Forgione

Review of LifeQuest

Directed by Richard Lounello


Angelo Donzella was born in Turin in 1964. He has three great passions: music, photography and cinema. He has played in some rock bands since 1982 and, since 1983, has been cultivating the art of photography. Since 1993 he has shown his love for cinema, starring in many feature films and short films.

The need to express himself through the use of images (borrowed from his love for photography)
led him to make his first short film as a director. ISOLATION was created during the 2020 lockdown, with the help of director Roberto Loiacono. Angelo Donzella in this short film, in addition to working as a director, played the role of leading actor, winning multiple international awards as best actor. 2022 is the year in which he made his second job as a director (this time alone): it is the short film
Jasmine’s Suspicion, a “Spy Movie”. In January 2023 he created UNEASE in just one month of intense w