Directed by Sana Norouzbaki, Fatemeh Ghadirinezhadian

Panah, a Middle-aged transgender male parent, is trying to leave Iran, in order to have sex reassignment procedures. He receives a phone call that his visa and medical docs have been rejected. Now, his only hope and motivation is to once more see his son, and be accepted by him for his authentic true self.

The social powerful of this short film is the first thing that deserve a mention.

With “Panah”, Masoumeh Bayat focuses on one of the big issues of his country (and not only).

He tells us a story based on many true stories that we unfortunately can hear about very often. A story of denied freedom, sexism and total injustice against many people.

The hands to whom it entrusts are those of the directors Sana Norouzbaki and Fatemeh Ghadirinezhadian. They just makes a great work.

The direction of “Panah” gives to the movie the right amount of empathy and involves the viewer in the story, moment after moment. The dark atmosphere created around the movie is absolutely perfect, a great choices by the Norouzbaki and Ghadirinezhadian.

The cinematographer Arash Sadeqi deserve a special mention too, the light work is well made. The key cast, especially the main character Nasim Adabi, makes a great acting performance.

“Panah” is a short film that deserve a view for many reasons, from the main topic to the movie quality.