Directed by Kristina Schippling

Findings is a film about a young woman’s process of finding herself. She no longer fits into her own home, she literally grows out of it. But she cannot find a new home and loses herself in the search for it.

Kristina Schippling takes us in another world with an experimental film about the femininity.

Very often when talking about “experimental”, we are dealing with fiction movies without any experimental parameters. Black and white movies, silent films or strange screenplays are not experimental projects.

In this case, we have a pure experimental short film; something of different, something that you need to see several times to understand what the author means. Every frame is a piece of a puzzle, but not a random piece… everything makes sense and probably anyone can see a different meaning.

The work behind an experimental project needs to be well studied to avoid the creation of a confusionary movie. As writer and director, Kristina Schippling has able to do this in a good way, with the right times and a good actress choice too that deserve a mention (Marie-Louise Müller).

The short is enjoyable, has a good pacing and nothing is left to chance. The editing work is the completion of a truly nice movie to watch and rewatch.