Best International Short – The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre (Danny Ashkenasi, United States)
Best Feature – Mercy Land (Simon Rickards, United Kingdom)
Best Documentary Feature – PASOLINEIDE – the Roman adventure of Pier Paolo Pasolini (Mauro Paracini, Italy)
Best Feature Script – No Address (Julia Verdin, James Papa – United States)
Best Short Script – Saints in Heaven (Andrea Cantafio, Italy)
Best TV Pilot Script – Living Wild – Alaska. Pilot: Snag. Catch and Release (Dorene Michele Lorenz, United States)
Best Amateur Short – Maney (Leonardo Madesani, Italy)
Best Animation Short – Two trees in Jerusalem (Juan Pablo De Gamboa, Panama)
Best Comedy Short – About Criminal Law (Konstantinos Machairas, Greece)
Best Documentary Short – Dust Never Settled (Blue Kalamian, United States)
Best Drama Short – Two Wrongs Make One Right (Guy Nicholls, United Kingdom)
Best Experimental Short – The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre (Danny Ashkenasi, United States)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Short – #planb (Directed by Ulrica de la Mar, Netherlands)
Best Horror Short – ZMIENA (Pierre Renverseau, France)
Best Italian Short – Un’ultima volta (Stefania Montesolaro)
Best Lockdown Short – Sheltered in place (Udesh Chetty, United States)
Best Micro Short – PSA (Aidan Driscoll, United States)
Best Mobile Short – ROTOR (Malena Perrot, France)
Best Romantic Short – The Last Jackolantern (William Grave, United Kingdom)
Best Sci-Fi Short – The Treasure (Marty Sliwinski, Ireland)
Best Student Short – Kindred (Jad Chatila, Lebanon)
Best Thriller Short – Lovely To Meet You (Darwin Reina, Spain)
Best TV Pilot – What The Hell ! (Suzie Jane Pastor, France)
Best Music Video – 4Roses – Requiem delle rose (Matteo Rosarelli, Italy)
Best Trailer – The Golden Acorn (Maciej Osuch, United Kingdom)

Best Acting Ensemble – Sober (directed by Big Ted Robinson, United States)
Best Actor – James Choi (Accident Nocturne, directed by Jingkun Huang, United States)
Best Actress – Emilie Montemayor (Just Gina!, directed by Edwin L Williams II, United States)
Best Cinematography – Ilya Saveliev (The Muse, directed by Max Karpylev, United States)
Best Costume Design – Alexandra Karpylev (The Muse, directed by Max Karpylev, United States)
Best Director – Rami Samir Salloum (Le Poussin et les Sourcils, Lebanon)
Best Editing – Guy Nicholls (Two Wrongs Make One Right, United Kingdom)
Best MakeUp and Hairstyling – Carla Garriga, Emma Rodriguez, Maria Serret (Lovely To Meet You, directed by Darwin Reina, Spain)
Best Original Soundtrack – Danny Ashkenasi (The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre, United States)
Best Screenplay – The Muse (Max Karpylev, United States)
Best Poster – My father´s War (Juan Pablo De Gamboa, Panama)


Pink flag, Wu Xichen (China)
Little Love Story, Davide Serra (Italy)
Fatty, Riwen Huang (China)
JOKER’S WILD, Last Days of Brattix – Louis T Cooley (United States)
Never Give Up – Yitong Huang, Runjie Hu, Shouang Zhao (China)
Full Moon – John Vo, Ken Yoffe, Ellen Weisberg (United States)


A Moment, Zaid Hasan Al-Sabaileh (Jordan)
San Gabriel Valley, Dante Jiayu Liu (United States)
Heaven can wait – Wen Chenghao, Huang Jingkun (China)
UNSUNG: The Joan Beckow Story – Carlos Coronado, Ron Stuart, Jessica Stuart (Canada)
The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre, Danny Ashkenasi (United States)
An Irresistible Gift, Haohai Zhang (China)
Tuesco, Daniel Poler (United States)
ADA – Elisabetta Sbriglione, Graziano Banfi (Italy)
Antes Del Mictlan, Miguel Miller (Mexico)
Mary, Quentin Gong (United States)
Red Ears, Paul Drey (Germany)
Loving, Nick – Shivam Hora (United Kingdom)
Wherewolves (John Vamvas, Olga Montes, Canada)
Ten Why’s, Juma Emedi (United States)


Yarik the Rascal, Yurii Pupirin (Ukraine)
THE MAN with the PINK BICYCLE, Keith Soforic (United States)
Cuento de Primavera-A Spring Tale, Gerardo Gabaldón (Spain)
As Scared As You, Jesse Dorian (United States)
D.A.Y.F.L.Y – I think, therefore I am – Jan-Gero Alexander Hannemann (Germany)
Julius’ Journey, Lachelle Robinson (United States)
The Choice, Alina Nailevna Granovskaia (United Kingdom)
The Island Rover (Harold’s Boat Problem), Jordan M Meeder (United States)
Hero of the Desert, Lorena Sopi (Kosovo)
The Appartment, Bruno Cabanis (France)
Ellida, Leon Mitchell (United States)
Bare Metal – Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker (United States)
Child’s Play, Devina Vassileva (Bulgaria)
Superheroes, Rafael de Andrade (Brazil)
Snap Out of It, Quentin Gong (United States)
Arrivederci Paris, Louis Salvatore Bellanti (France)
Finding the Line – An Exploration of Structural Integration, Aleš Urbanczik, Grzegorz Oleksa (Switzerland)
Nowhere to love, Yumeng Zhang (China)
A Day in the Life of a Pig, Hannah A Collins (United States)
Love letter to Glasgow, Myria Christophini (United Kingdom)
Sin Apple, Kenya Cagle (United States)
Stronger ThanHate, Juan Pablo De Gamboa (Panama)
The Hug of Dark, Jarmo Juhani Salo (Finland)
Moment, Haigao Tang (China)
God’s Love letter, Almarin Fisher (United States)
Voices in The Void, Juan Pablo De Gamboa (Panama)
Mother & Wild, Mark Forbes (United Kingdom)
Soul Lost Guide, Baby Sun (China)
80 years later, Celine Parreñas Shimizu (United States)
Living in the air, Kurt Ma (United Kingdom)
No Address – Julia Verdin, James Papa (United States)
Not ready, Virág Anna Varga (Hungary)
Team Huh?! In King of the Lab, Jonah Safer (United States)
Fading, Suraj Nair (India)
Where Did The Love Go, Bilal Hussain (Denmark)
Mandy, Jan Werner (Germany)
In another life, Gonzalo González Undurraga (Spain)
The Identity Crisis, Lachelle Robinson (United States)
The Way Home, Sebastian Pink (Germany)