October 2023


Best International Short – The Chamber of Memories (Mingxing Dong, China)
Best Feature – The Sugar Experiment (John Tornblad, Sweden)
Best Feature Script – Il Bel Tenore (The Beautiful Tenor) – (Peter Hurwitz, United States)
Best Short Script – The incredibile adventure of a cloth (Renee Maria Urgert, Italy)
Best TV Pilot Script – The Raven (Tobey Alexander, United Kingdom)
Best Action Short – Dojo (Armin Alic, United States)
Best Amateur Short – I Have Just (Ece Akalın Alagöz, Turkey)
Best Animation Short – The (W)hole (Jiansu Wang, United States)
Best Comedy Feature – The Switchblade Sisterhood (Davo Hardy, Australia)
Best Comedy Short – The Countdown (Melanie Renfroe, United States)
Best Documentary Feature – From The Same Tree (Claudia Fischer, Colombia)
Best Documentary Short – Unconquered (John Parr, United Kingdom)
Best Drama Feature – Pravas (Vipul Sharma, India)
Best Drama Short – Life After (Autumn Libengood, United States)
Best Experimental Short – Un Homme and a Lady (Mitch Yapko, United States)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Short – Empty (文太 川元, Japan)
Best Horror Short – Fantaterror (Oscar RIP, Néstor Arranz – Spain)
Best Italian Short – The Wrong Guy (Alberto Scisco)
Best Micro Short – I Am The Candidate (George Ohan, Joseph Eual Messer – United States)
Best Music Video – Ego (Adam Lukowski, United States)
Best Romance Short – Time Is Not (Marian Gabriel Weber, Switzerland)
Best Sci-Fi Short – Space Ryder (Jeff Kenji Yamashita, United States)
Best Silent Short – Picture Me This (Dean Morgan, United States)
Best Smartphone Short – Wakehurst Parkway – Australia’s Most Haunted Road (James Wallace, Australia)
Best Student Short – Disconnect (Riley Wadden, Canada)
Best Thriller Short – No Tell! (Darwin Reina, Sweden)
Best Trailer – Remi Milligan: Lost Director (Samuel Lodato, United Kingdom)
Best TV Pilot – Doran The Mystic Warrior (Doran Eccel, Italy)

Best Acting Ensemble – Carne e Sangue (directed by Griff Scially, United States)
Best Actor – Hasse Brontén (No Tell!, directed by Darwin Reina, Sweden)
Best Actress – Sophia Pervilhac (Time Is Not, directed by Marian Gabriel Weber, Switzerland)
Best Cinematography – Marian G. Weber (Time Is Not, directed by Marian Gabriel Weber, Switzerland)
Best Costume Design – Marian G. Weber (Time Is Not, directed by Marian Gabriel Weber, Switzerland)
Best Creative Idea – Remi Milligan: Lost Director (directed by Samuel Lodato, United Kingdom)
Best Director – John Parr (Unconquered, United Kingdom)
Best Original Soundtrack – Asaf Rahamim (Who Lost a Dream?, Canada)
Best Producer – Darwin Reina, Rubi Rios Rojas, Steven Willbur (No Tell!, Sweden)
Best VFX – The Chamber of Memories (directed by Mingxing Dong, China)
Best Poster – E.J. Acosta (Drink In The Pain, United States)


A Punch from the Sun (Sam Henderson, United Kingdom)
Oxigen (Vitaly Lazo, Olga Borodina – Russian Federation)


The Shroud Trinity (Frank McEvoy, United States)
Interspace: Unconscious Minds Of The World (Emir Kahn Bautista, Canada)
John Dee (D. Stokes Piercy, United States)
Sunday’s Child (Vanessa Nicholson, United Kingdom)
Dinner with Demons (Liberty Joy, United States)
1 2 3 Red light, Green light (Liangyu Chen, Taiwan)
Sunday League (Jamie Bourne, United Kingdom)


Ophelia (Jeff Burton, United States)
Omnipotent Resolution (Uniqueness)
Lost Girl (Lauren Lulu Scott, United States)
A Beautiful House (Santiago Astor, Japan)
Hideous Splendor (John Ervin, United States)
Panther People (Dale Roossien, Jarrod Stark – Canada)
Skin Show / Live (Richard Daniels, United States)
One Day (Geir Fredriksen, Norway)
In The Shadows (Nico Isaque Barrett, United States)
City Fairy Tale (Alessandro Fratesi, Gaia Ridolfini – Italy)
The Signal And The Noise (Jim Hannah, United States)
I Swear * (Nathan Hey, Belgium)
Bittersweet Tears (Kelly N Vang, United States)
“The sons of sun” (Claudio D’Elia, Jennifer Alvarez Zapateiro – Colombia)
Before The Freeze (Tenley E. Raj, United States)
My Digital Truth (Swen Werner, United Kingdom)
The Invisible (Guga Lemes, Wagner Almeida, Marcelo Nobre, André Abujamra – Brazil)
Gaia Rising – First Trailer (James G. Maynard, United States)
Patellidae (Elpida Koumpoura, United Kingdom)